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Meet Ofelia

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Walking through a grove of gingkoes every morning was part of my journey to get to the National University of La Plata in Argentina, where I studied to become a Biomedical Research Scientist. After graduating, my journey continued in the United States and I developed two passions that went hand in hand: being a scientist and being a mentor at the National Cancer Institute, US.

Eventually mentoring become so central to my career that I divided my time between my experiments, and helping others to grow and believe in themselves. I became the Chair of Mentoring Programs at various scientific societies and authored a book, Interdisciplinary Mentoring in Science: Success Strategies, highlighting noteworthy topics such as mentoring minorities, mentoring women and mentoring to achieve change. 

I am proud to have been recognised for leading diversity in the National Cancer Institute and to have been selected by the US State Department to be part of a delegation of female scientists to visit Brazil and Colombia to favor the participation of women in science.

Now, having stepped away from the lab, I am dedicating my life to supporting others to move forward with theirs! Having certified with the International Coaching Federation, I work with scientists (and non-scientists as well!) to help them become the best versions of themselves, in their work, and in their lives.

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Ofelia has provided me with support, compassion, understanding and care. I always feel very comfortable and safe with her, and she has an innate ability to truly listen and gently guide you towards your goals. 
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