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Rather than taking my word for it, hear from my clients who are finding more fulfilment and success in their lives:

Ofelia and I have been working together since 2015. As part of a professional society activity, she was assigned to me as a career mentor and our monthly calls have been part of my life ever since. As a career mentor, Ofelia helped me navigate the pressure of postdoctoral training, manage conflicts with peers and managers, find work-life balance among crazy work hours and empowered me to ask for what I needed and deserved as a trainee.
In 2021, Ofelia went from being my mentor to Career and Life Coach. The pandemic found me in the middle of an immigration process, a new marriage, a move abroad and a career transition. Ofelia has been key during these transitions and has helped me tremendously to have clarity and focus among all these changes. She has provided me with support, compassion, understanding and care. I always feel very comfortable and safe with her, and she has an innate ability to truly listen and gently guide you towards your goals. She is resourceful, cheerful and positive and I always end my session with her on a good note, feeling progress and with a tangible task that I can put into action right away.
Ofelia also has a deep understanding of issues specific to women and minorities and as a Latina, I have benefited from her experience and insight in these topics. Having her as an ally and confidant has been instrumental for my self-esteem, self-care and self-growth and she has my highest recommendation.


Ofelia’s insightful questions allowed me to identify the toxic habits that were causing distress in my career. Ofelia provided me useful suggestions to counteract the toxic habits and adopt new habits that bring serenity to my mind. I am very happy and grateful for the life/career coaching sessions I had with Ofelia.


I am a multicultural scientist that was considering the option of quitting my career before I decided to work with Ofelia. I felt I was missing some of the skills required to survive in today's competitive job market and I wasn't feeling valued at my job. The career coaching experience that Ofelia offered me has tremendously helped me navigate my career development quest. Through our dialogues and her intentional questions, she helped me to think deeply about my strengths and weaknesses, and to realize how to align my personal growth with my career development goals. Ofelia gave me the right tools to positively change my behaviour and achieve my life and career goals. Her kindness and warmth, broad experience, and amazing sense of humor contributed to making my career coaching a wonderful experience. I deeply believe that the confidence and self-esteem that she ignited in me allowed me to obtain the dream job that I was looking for. I feel that the positive tools and coaching approach that Ofelia shared will stay with me for the rest of my life and career journey.


As my coach, Ofelia is substantially improving my life. She has opened my mind to new and profound experiences of emotional and mental knowledge, providing guidance, training and motivation while also opening the door to areas of my surrounding reality that were not active in my life. And we are working in a productive climate of joy and optimism that facilitates my progress. In summary thanks to this experience, I am living a more fulfilling life. 


I was very fortunate to work with Ofelia.  She is warm, open, insightful, and an amazing guide and coach.  I felt like I was speaking with a friend, but one who knew exactly how to lead me to discovery, introspection, and resolution of tough life issues.  I opened up with her on some things that I had never before shared with anyone and, more importantly, I was able to address these issues that I had carried with my unresolved for so long. Ofelia led me to a very beneficial path of understanding and self awareness that resulted in a much more healthy, calming and peaceful existence.  I enjoyed working with her and highly recommend her.  


I can't thank Ofelia enough for her insights. She has the right words, questions, and during her sessions, she somehow knows how to make me open my eyes, talk about my concerns, and re-evaluate something that I would be unable to do with others. I have moments when I feel that there's no light at the end of the tunnel, but she keeps proving me wrong. I am in the process of learning more about myself, being focused, not losing my motivation, taking some actions, and I know that I still have a long, long way before I accomplish my goals, but I feel much better compared to when I first started my sessions. Ofelia is very friendly, knowledgeable, and her sessions are very relaxing. I have enjoyed all of her sessions, and each meeting has helped me clarify my next steps, giving me more confidence to move forward.


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